Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jackie's 18th Birthday

Yesterday, we went to the happiest place on earth for Jackie's birthday, literally. Disneyland has the place we have been going to to celebrate her for three years in a row and every time it's different and fun. We had an amazing breakfast at the Carnation Cafe to start off. If you want to have an uncomfortable yet still good experience, eat there because the Chef, Oscar, makes his rounds amongst the guests. He is a very sweet man with a very big smile, but he has no concept of personal space. Our birthday girl unfortunately was a victim of this! We laughed nervously because of the awkwardness of having the Chef enter Jackie's bubble, but nevertheless we still laughed.
We then went along our day ride hopping and doing all of our favorites; Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, Matterhorne, Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and all the rest of them.
Then, as we were walking we had a very LA moment. Among us at Disneyland was the flawless Gwen Stefani (the front woman of the band No Doubt and solo artist in her own right) with her sexy husband Gavin Rossdale and her beautiful children. She had a small group of people around her and she was walking around Disneyland just like us.
However, the point of the entire day was to celebrate my best friend Jackie! She looked amazing, she was funny as ever and her smile couldn't be brighter! I love you and I want to celebrate many many more birthdays with you!
We had an amazing time laughing, screaming, eating and riding the rides with Jackie.

Elena > Jackie

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