Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bon Voyage

Ahhhhh summer, it's that time of year again when my family holds a big camping trip. So, Elena and I are off for 5 days of camping! This will be Elena's first camping trip so wish her good luck. We know we have been lacking in the photos of outfits and styles but I promise you when we come back we will post some! Here is what our camping experience will be like.


Jackie and I are about to start college, and something that we need to do before we start that part of our lives and become proper adults is get our drivers license. And today, that time has come...
While I will be beginning my first session with a driving instructor, at that very same time, jackie will be completing her driving test for her license!
It's crazy that we will be out on the road at the same time, but for two different situations of course.
So if everything goes well, our little Jackie will be an official driver and i will still be alive :]
Wish us luck!!


Sunday, July 18, 2010


pictures from the debut we attended.


Yesterday, Jackie and I found ourselves lookin' fly at our friend's Debut. Neither of us had ever been to a debut ever, but if you know what a quinceanera is for Mexicans, it's pretty much the same idea but for Filipinos and for their eighteenth birthdays. Our friend and birthday girl Julie, looked absolutely beautiful in a great big white dress with flawless makeup. Personally, our favorite parts of the debut were when they danced choreography numbers. They danced swing, salsa, hip hop and had costume changes and everything. We had a great time.
What was especially cute was that instead of a cake, there was a giant cupcake display. The party had a Japanese theme and the cupcakes followed suit. They were decorated in fondant and had cherry blossom and fan designs on them as well as edible flowers and the works!
This party was so much fun and apart from the actual event, Jackie and I got to see our friends again. Since we graduated High School, it's hard to stay in contact with everyone. And with events like this, it gives us the chance to see our friends before we leave to college.

Our night was amazing and Happy Birthday Julie!


Saturday, July 17, 2010


Since Elena and I have got invited to be on we have neglected our poor little blog but we are back, there will be new things coming to this blog soon and we are in progress of bringing new photos with some FLAVOR. For now, I want you to enjoy these few photos from Paris.
With Love,

Sunday, July 11, 2010


We all know that everyone who likes fashion likes H&M! So Elena and I are bringing you two outfits that we both put together! All we have been doing is shopping at H&M and we cannot stop! All the clothes are from ther and the accessories are used from my personal set of jewelry. This was a spur of the moment photo shoot but it worked out!
Hope you like them
jaq & ele


Although we were tired we were able to get a few pictures!We took these pictures right by the Carnation cafe EN-joy!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jackie's 18th Birthday

Yesterday, we went to the happiest place on earth for Jackie's birthday, literally. Disneyland has the place we have been going to to celebrate her for three years in a row and every time it's different and fun. We had an amazing breakfast at the Carnation Cafe to start off. If you want to have an uncomfortable yet still good experience, eat there because the Chef, Oscar, makes his rounds amongst the guests. He is a very sweet man with a very big smile, but he has no concept of personal space. Our birthday girl unfortunately was a victim of this! We laughed nervously because of the awkwardness of having the Chef enter Jackie's bubble, but nevertheless we still laughed.
We then went along our day ride hopping and doing all of our favorites; Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, Matterhorne, Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and all the rest of them.
Then, as we were walking we had a very LA moment. Among us at Disneyland was the flawless Gwen Stefani (the front woman of the band No Doubt and solo artist in her own right) with her sexy husband Gavin Rossdale and her beautiful children. She had a small group of people around her and she was walking around Disneyland just like us.
However, the point of the entire day was to celebrate my best friend Jackie! She looked amazing, she was funny as ever and her smile couldn't be brighter! I love you and I want to celebrate many many more birthdays with you!
We had an amazing time laughing, screaming, eating and riding the rides with Jackie.

Elena > Jackie

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Now that the FIFA World Cup 2010 is coming to a close, and being that Jackie and I are serious and legitimate aficionados, we have been severely boy crazy for the past month or so. Therefore, we have been inspired to list the men that we love and long for. Each of us will list our personal top five men from all walks of life and then we will compile a very sexy master list of our combined top 25.
Here it goes....

Jackie's List Elena's List
1. Sidney Crosby 1. Ben Nemtin
2. Gerard Pique 2. Luis Fabiano
3. Fernando Torres 3. Bastian Schweinsteiger
4. Gaspard Ulliel 4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
5. James Franco 5. Carlos Vela

Our Top 25
25.Russell Brand
24. Edward Norton
23. George Harrison
22. Romain Duris
21. Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez (The SandLot)
20. Andreas Wijk (Model)
19. Taylor Rice (Local Natives)
18. Carlos Vela
17. Matthew Gray Gubler
16. Eric Bana
15. Bradley Cooper
14. James McAvoy
13. Jamie Bell
12. Joseph Gordon Levitt
11. Bojan Kirkic
10. Gael Garcia Bernal
9. Taylor Lautner
8. J.r. Celski
7. James Franco
6. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
5. The Buried Life Guys
4. Adrian Grenier
3. Fernando Torres
2. Sidney Crosbey
1. Gerard Pique

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Come With Me And You'll Be In a World of Pure Imagination

We promised we would post up our pictures of our photo shoot/ wilderness walk at the LA Arboretum, so here they are now! We had so much fun with our first photo shoot with Jackie's trusty camera, but it was also a pain in the butt. Some problems were, first we walked to the Arboretum as we swam in our own sweat, which is not highly recommended, when we finally got there we met some interesting older people. After talking to the older man about octopi we had problems with our changing situation. There was only one restroom for the entire wilderness, therefore we decided to change in front of the lake in plane daylight. Fortunately, no one saw us, but that's what we hope. It was coming along until we ran into a crazy wedding party of older greek men. Elena was at her most vulnerable moment. It was funny but VERY uncomfortable at the same time. Although we had interesting and scary moments it all felt better when we took a well deserved break and sat under shade while singing Pure Imagination by Willy Wonka! The perfect moment was concluded by seeing rabbits hop by.
The End
jaq & ele