Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yesterday, Jackie and I found ourselves lookin' fly at our friend's Debut. Neither of us had ever been to a debut ever, but if you know what a quinceanera is for Mexicans, it's pretty much the same idea but for Filipinos and for their eighteenth birthdays. Our friend and birthday girl Julie, looked absolutely beautiful in a great big white dress with flawless makeup. Personally, our favorite parts of the debut were when they danced choreography numbers. They danced swing, salsa, hip hop and had costume changes and everything. We had a great time.
What was especially cute was that instead of a cake, there was a giant cupcake display. The party had a Japanese theme and the cupcakes followed suit. They were decorated in fondant and had cherry blossom and fan designs on them as well as edible flowers and the works!
This party was so much fun and apart from the actual event, Jackie and I got to see our friends again. Since we graduated High School, it's hard to stay in contact with everyone. And with events like this, it gives us the chance to see our friends before we leave to college.

Our night was amazing and Happy Birthday Julie!


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