Monday, June 28, 2010

Chuck Norris

We have recently noticed that facebook has been obsessed with Chuck Norris jokes, well we decided that we wanted to be cool to and have our own! So read up and have a laugh or two. These are completely original and made by us!
jaq & ele

1. They don’t put the peanut in the m&m, Chuck Norris punches it in
2. In the second coming, it wont be jesus, it'll be Chuck Norris
3. The jews aren’t waiting for the messiah, they are waiting for Chuck Norris to convert to Judaism
4. Chuck Norris once kicked a horse in the chin, its descendants are now called giraffes
5. Chuck Norris pulls open push doors
6. Chuck Norris doesn’t hit on girls, he punches them
7. When Uncle Sam says I want you, he really just wants Chuck Norris
8. Chuck Norris can put tooth paste back in the tube
9. Chuck Norris never sleeps, he justs rests his eyes
10. The ice berg didn’t sink the titanic, it was Chuck Norris’ fist
11. Chuck Norris is Spartacus
12. Love was never the destination, it was Chuck Norris
13. Chuck Norris is a Mac and a PC
14. Dante wrote Inferno after experiencing Chuck Norris for a day
15. If you ever rubbed a magic lamp, Chuck Norris would be your genie
16. Chuck Norris’ hair is made of fire
17. Chuck Norris uses numchucks to floss his teeth
18. Chuck Norris can ask for trick or treat all year long
19. Chuck Norris picked the Dalhi Lama
20. When chuck Norris calls you, it isn’t a ringtone it’s a punch
21. Before chuck Norris was even born, he could already walk
22. Chuck Norris CAN read lady Gaga’s poker face
23. If a tsunami came towards Chuck Norris, it would turn back
24. Chuck Norris drinks Listerine
25. To go to sleep, sheep count Chuck Norris
26. For chuck Norris, the sky is not the limit
27. God asked once for Chuck Norris’ opinion, the second time he got punched
28. Chuck Norris can never steal because everything is his
29. Fabio wished he was Chuck Norris
30. Chuck Norris’ house is the happiest place on earth
31. At the right hand of the Lord is Chuck Norris
32. Chuck Norris was the first to used falcon punch
33. Chuck Norris is the next big thing after slice bread
34. Chuck Norris doesn’t need a mattress, he has his muscles

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