Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Met The Buried Life Boys

I need to apologize for us not posting in a while, but we've been busy settling into college. However, I think we're coming back BIG because last night I attended a taping of The Buried Life! It was totally spur of the moment. I literally saw a posting on facebook about it and i was then immediately on it to go.
The whole episode is around a list item of Dave's ( one of the members of the show) which was fighting in an Mixed Martial Arts competition. It was just unreal to be able to show up at a random place and be able to see all four of the guys: Ben, Duncan, Jonnie, & Dave. I am a huge fan of their incredible show and I was so happy to be apart of that list item and to be there with them.
I had never seen an MMA fight and much less go to one, so I was a little nervous as to how intense it was going to be. It's definitely for tough guys becuase they punch, kick, spit on each other and basically anything else to win. So when it was Dave's turn to fight, I was nervous for him. He was actually a pretty good fighter, he gave the other guy a run for his money for a long time and he made it to all three rounds. However, Dave unfortunately lost due to an awful injury! He completely dislocated his thumb!! Even though he lost, he did it like a complete champ and I don't think it was a failure at all. He did an awesome job.
Now for the best part: Meeting them!! All of them are the nicest guys in the whole wide world!!! Living in LA I've experienced really snobby "celebrities" and they are quite the opposite. They are so humble and gracious and everything that you want them to be. I can go on and on forever about how great they made me feel! So here goes my picture of the event and of them <3

Love, Elena

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