Thursday, August 19, 2010


So today was my last day in LA. and let me tell you I am very sad but it is a new beginning. Yesterday was my actual last day to have fun and let me tell you we did! It was the fantastic four having fun through out the night yet again. We had a good typical hot LA day. First, we went to the zoo and then after we went to a ramen noodle place called Naga Naga which is now Nickys favorite restaurant. After the amazing soup we decided to go see what David was up to. After picking David up we went to Nickys grandparents house and let me tell you its 2.5 acres of beauty. The backyard is sooo big and the perfect place to take lookbook pictures. After we realized that David was hungry and so we decided to chill with him at a Mcdonalds. That ended up being the spot for that night since everyone told me a little something and how much they are going to miss me. Well, i have something for you guys.
So Elena, David and Nicky,
You guys are the best, and i love you guys¡ HONESTLY!
Elena you are my best friend and if it was not for you then i would have never met nicky and if it was not for Nicky, crazy David would have not been in our lives! SO, i love you kiddos. I will be back next week to party!

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